Vampirella’s Lullaby

I left you notes of my filthiest thoughts

in the seat of the pew
that I knew would find you
and your heart.
I thought of you when they asked me about God creating people into puzzle pieces
Meant to fit together
In shapes of grace
Never to sever
But tied by tongues
that told of secrets.
I played love songs to my heart
to resuscitate my love to sing through my soul before calling your phone.
I left from home
because I had a cross to bear
but I never wanted to leave you alone.
I live for the shivers I get when you toss your hair
I long to be the near to the warmth of your bones.
I saw you dancing down by the lake
when the air was cold with the tension of hearts held back.
You swung yours on a chain
and melted the ice of the frozen forest.
The leaves dripped sweat
to the rhythm of your pirouette,
The wolves sat in wait
for the measure of your gait,
And the birds bent their necks to your steps as the sun set in the west.
Lions, tigers, bears,
Oh my
You were my Zion
My heaven close by
My refuge inside
Helen of Troy
For the war.
I gladly jumped into Jihad to be the joy in your core
The Loverman You Call For.

My Interstellar Stella
My Symphony
My Izabella
You told me you thought of yourself as a princess
Sleeping Beauty or Belle
But couldn’t pick which best.
I was thinking I could be your Prince and your Beast
Tender to touch your heart
Gentle to caress your breast
A fondle into forever

A wander into wonder

While still under your bedsheets.

But I guess you were still asleep
if I could wander into your dreams
I would meet you down by the stream
by the crossroad of romance
and life
just pass the broken traffic light
where the last war for your heart was fought.
Im the type to h-bomb the whole yard
so that you know that its your heart I’m coming for
Your warrior with guns and swords
pens, pencils and a ton of words
longing to give you a long kiss goodnight
a bedtime story
nightmare or sweet dream.
Get you dripping sweet cream is a guarantee
Get you hoping for a party between our bodies
souls with a song to sing
Sipping wine while you wind
Cant wait for a taste of your birthday cake
pour me the purity of your sea
and I’ll drink it by the pound
sing me the songs of your soul
and I’ll follow every sound
chase your melodies
until you become my madness
my asylum angelic
all over again.
my high my hope
my ribbon in the rain
my light my right
my protest to the pain
my moon my muse
my rhythm to run to.
Remember that time I crept bedroom
and rubbed away your remembrance of any romance before me
locked my fingers to yours
and placed a kiss on your forehead
and then a kiss on your cheek
smiled to be an idol of your intellect
electrified inside
at you thinking I was a geek.
We layed tongues tied
holding each other through the tides of change
wrapped in chains
arms washing away pain
Lovers in a lifeboat
long off from the lighthouse
Saints of the sabbath
symbols of freedom
to the enslaved
asteroid rings from Saturn
for the engaged
ice globed dancers to my love
forever my fiance
I watched your hair grow
and held your hand
as you injected me with your love straight to the vein
You told me you loved me
while the others called me insane
surrounded yourself with my superstitions of the surreal
and surprised even me
when you replied
 “I know how you feel”
So I knew that it was real.
Sent me messages
Played spades in the dark
played for each other’s hearts
blackjack and both
were dealt 21 from the start.
You begged to be my bad girl
told me to test you
You’d studied to make the grade

We danced in the rain
while the gargoyles prayed
to party on our playground
a royal ritual whenever I was kissing you
the stars sought insight into our seance
sacrificed our heartbeats
to tones of tribal war
and returned
trading stories of glory
“It was you I did it for”

My beautiful brokenhearted
My lover the love scorned
I stepped in broken glass from your window
washed bloodied upon the shore
mixed your blood with mine
and rubbed the sands of time over the sore
the only thing as steady as my love for you
is the rhythm of death the battlefield calls for
I’ve loved you since the beginning of time
2 souls eternally in a bind
We whispered the truth
to the cattle of the passage
and set bombs to the pirates’ ships
I scalped a thousand skulls clean and passed them to your clan
in exchange for a kiss from your lips
Remember me
when you answer the call
Remember me
when you draw the markings under your eye
Remember me when you flap your wings in flight
Together we shall ascend at the ring of the armistice
To reign as king and queen
at the kingdom between the moon and the sun
To sleep while the ocean’s tides call the spirits home.
May the wolves carry you my jewels hung around their necks
Tho there will be many
and there will be many bones
know that there will always be roses waiting at your throne
Hallelujah for Helen
On and On



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