Long Time No See (Romantic Short Story)

Long Time No See

“Oh my stars! Solomon! Long time no see!” Elena greeted me at the door with an attack hug.  I take it she was happy to see me.

“Far too long, my dear,” I said hugging her tight around her waist and placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Come in, come in! It’s so cold outside.  I’ve got something to get you warm,” she entreated.

“Oh really?” my mind instantly went to dirty thoughts, and I was sure she could hear it in my tone.  “I mean, like what do you have in mind?” It was already a late Tuesday night, almost Wednesday morning.  I had slept well on my flight into the city. This meeting with Elena had been long overdue and with as sexy as she was she always knew how to make sure that sex was on my mind with me.  She’d gotten it down to an art form. But, truthfully, aside from any kind of sexual possibilities, I was still happy to finally be spending personal time with Elena.

“Hehe. Giggity. Yeahh, I’ll take your jacket. Please have a seat,” she grabbed my hands and lead me to the couch, then vanished with my jacket behind a nearby wall. “But oh yes, Solomon. I’ve got some sweet and I’ve got some heat,” she crooned as I stepped through the short hallway and into the small apartment.  Elena reappeared in her kitchen doorway holding a steaming mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a large water bong in the other.

My mouth dropped open, partly from the surprise at being graciously greeted on a cold Chicago night with hot chocolate and a bong (how awesome is that?) and from being able to gaze on Elena fully in the light of her kitchen.  Elena was beautiful, she always had been. I hadn’t seen her in a few years that’d felt like an eternity. She had long brown hair that would often times be seen swaying with her every move and sun-kissed caramel skin, both she openly credited to her Native American heritage. She stood in the kitchen doorway in a satin burgundy top that cut across into a V between her breasts.  It had buttons on the shoulders that created short sleeves that hung high above her elbows. A small circular gold charm hung from a gold chain between her breasts and she wore numerous gold bracelets on her right arm and a singular thicker bracelet on her left that was studded with a round burgundy jewel matching the color of her top. She wore a long black skirt, also satin, that fell on her black leather boots. Her pose in the doorway created a sexy silhouette of her dancer’s body cut against the light coming from her kitchen.  All topped with her round high cheeks and glowing crescent smile. She could bring sunshine into even the coldest winter night.

We were good friends when we went to college all those years ago, but since then life had carried us into different directions, Elena into her dance tours and me onto my studies at law school. Back in the day, I’d seen her at a few different parties and we rolled in some common friend circles during undergrad, but we never really started to get to know each other until after graduation. We kept in touch through social networks and emails. She always sent me videos of her dancing gracefully across stages from Chicago, Cali, many places in between, and overseas, while I kept her entertained with my short stories I’d written while researching for and working on my book on paranormal folklore.  It’s funny how you never really see some people and grow close to them until you’re so very far away from them.  We were good friends in the past, but in our time apart deeper feelings have definitely been keeping us attached to each other and wanting to grow closer to each other.  After our many hours of phone calls and bible length emails, we were ready to really get to know each other better. Intimately.

“The bong is already loaded for you, but make yourself at home,” she said waving a hand motion toward the mass of green nuggets on the table in front of me.

“Oh my goodness! Why thank you, Elena.  I feel like it’s my birthday or something,” I flashed her a smile as she hovered on my left shoulder.

“Just for you, Sol.” she placed a kiss on my cheek.  I’ll be right back. I just got back in not too long ago.”

“Oh word? What you been up to tonight?” I asked.

“I went to this art expo with some friends down at The Get Down. Art auction, music performances, and a dance floor; all ingredients for a good time at The Get Down! But you know that just as well as I do,” she replied.

“Yes indeed, I do. I see some things never change. And I’m glad they haven’t, for real for real.  The Get Down was always our spot back in the day and I’m glad they’re still rockin’ on,” I said. “Damn this bud lookin’ good. Does she have a name?”  I looked at the marijuana in the bowl of the bong and on the table.  It was green and had tiny red hairs. The good stuff. I took a long pull from the bong and had to struggle to not cough. I leaned back into the sofa and gave a sigh as weight settled onto my eyelids.

“Oh you know I don’t really pay attention to that stuff. My girl from down the hall always has good quality stuff so I stopped keeping track of the names,” Elena replied from her bedroom. “I do think she said this one was called ‘Rose Lion’ or something fancy like that.”

“Ha, Rose Lion? Yeah that sounds about right.”  I took a look around the apartment.  Elena’s entire apartment was decorated with trinkets and souvenirs from her different travels, tokens of the different cultures and people she had come in contact with.  There was a Native American dream catcher on her bedroom door.  I looked over the sofa into her room and saw another dream catcher on the wall over her bed itself and a bow and arrow set hung on the wall above the dream catcher.  In the corner behind the sofa there was a Buddha shrine and candles and a Taoist Yin-Yang symbol above the television.  A Christian cross hung above the kitchen sink.  A Holy Bible sat on the table in front of me to the right of another thick book whose title was face down.  I saw text on the back that mentioned something about Egyptian philosophy.  The table was set on top of a large red rug and there was a yoga mat in front of the television.  Elena had a nice size single apartment.  The only downside was the window near the television that looked out straight into a brick wall.  “Haha, that’s a pretty dope view you’ve got out that window over there.”

“I know right! Just wonderful!  Red brick is so much more enjoyable than a night sky!” Elena said in a sarcastic tone.  She came over and plopped down next to me on the couch wearing a white T-shirt with a cut tattered bottom and black yoga pants.  “I got a good deal on this apartment for a single. Sometimes the power goes out and it gets pitch black in here, but hey no one’s got it all.”

“You’re doing good for yourself, Elena. Here’s one for you, Love,” I said passing her the bong.

“Whooo,” she took a pull and began fanning herself and coughing.  “Damn that’s strong.”  I began rubbing her back to ease away the pain.  “Thanks, Solomon,” she said with a bright smile. “Oooh, do you mind if I put on some music?” she asked. “I’ma get some yoga stretching on for a quick sec before bed.”

“Oh babygirl, it’s your world, by all means,” I replied “I’ma go ahead and get another hit.”

“You got it, baby,” she said. Elena went behind the couch and turned on some relaxing music that could only be described by ‘Zen’.

I took another pull from the bong and leaned back hard into Elena’s soft plush couch.  “Whoo that is the good stuff! Hott…Ooo hott stuff!”

“Hot stuff?’  Hmm where else have I heard that?” Elena asked while stretching on the other side of the couch.

“Probably from me. You gotta make sure you say it and spell it with two T’s. It’s trademarked. Haha,” I replied.

“Ha, I bet. Yeah I know of you saying that, but I haven’t heard even you say it in a while,” Elena said.

I leaned over the couch and found Elena with her limbs folded into a pretzel with her head tucked into chest. I honestly didn’t know how she was projecting her voice to such clarity within that position.

“Oh now I remember you used to always call Zoey, ‘Hott Stuff’,” Elena said with a tinge of disgust in her usually angel gentle voice.

“S-say what?” I stammered.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Elena continued. “Back when you and her were dating back in Senior year, every time you’d come into class you’d go to sit next to her and say ‘Hey, Hott Stuff,’.  I remember it because she always looked so displeased like she didn’t like it. I was always thinking ‘Shit, I wouldn’t mind being some handsome man’s ‘Hott Stuff. I think that’d make me smile.”  Elena was now doing standing stretches looking me in the eyes.

“Haha, oh Elena. I didn’t even know that I had your attention back then,” I said.  “I..”

“Well, yes you did, Solomon,” Elena interjected with a smile. “With your sexy self you could’ve called me any day,” she said with a wink.  I was always trying to find something worthwhile to say to you when I had the chance, but once I saw you smiling at me I would fumble like the clutz I am.”

“Yes, Elena the yoga-master clutz, indeed,” I stood in front of her now reaching into my pocket for something that I had grabbed from the airport for her. “I always did enjoy talking with you even back in the day.  Your sarcasm was always spot on in the most opportune moments, haha.  And even back then you were always hip to the good jams. Let alone your dance moves at The Get Down! Oh trust me you definitely had my attention too, Elena.  If it is any consolation to you, Elena my dear, you can be my Hott Stuff yesterday, today, tomorrow, or any day for that matter.”

“Oh, I don’t want the nickname that you called her.  You’ll have to think up a new one for me,” Elena said.

“I think I can do that,” I said

“I knew you could,” she looked up at me from one of her mid-level stretches eyeing me digging in my jacket pocket.  “What are you doing in your pocket over there, Mister?” she asked.

“I wanted to find something as lovely as you, but this was all that I could come up with, Sweet Stuff,” I said extending a pink lily to Elena.

“Oh Solomon! A stargazer lily my favorite!” she exclaimed. “How did you know?” she asked smelling the flower.

“Haha, you know me! I’m psychic!” I said with bravado putting a finger to my head in the fashion of Professor X of Marvel lore.  Elena paused for a beat while looking at me and then burst into laughter. We shared laughter for a moment. Me being psychic was a joke that we would usually bring up from time to time when I would just know things that she wouldn’t expect me to know.  In actuality most times it would be things that she had told me before, but she didn’t expect me to have been paying attention nor remember.  I think that she had come to the conclusion that I was always paying attention to her, but if she wanted to let me believe that I was psychic I wasn’t going to convince her otherwise.  “Yes, Love, I pulled that thought out of your head just like that flower was pulled from the ground. But of course the beauty of your mind would be a garden indeed, My Love.”

“Ohh Solomon you know I love it when you talk dirty to me,” Elena said grabbing the collar of my shirt and pulling me close to her for a passionate kiss. “Too bad you can’t just instantly read minds,” Elena said with a smirk.  She slowly waltzed back over to her yoga practice space. “I bet you’d love to know what was on my mind right now.”

“Oh?” I said with wide eyes. “Ahh! I’m receiving some psychic interference.  Uhh there’s a disturbance within the force!  You wanna give me a hint?”

.  Elena always had a sweet and innocent face and demeanor, but she had subtle ways of exuding her sexuality in some of the most thirst-inspiring ways.  She did it often in our late night conversations on the phone by vividly talking about how soft her legs were. But this time was different.

Elena bent over into a toe touching position and held it for a beat seconds and then opened her legs into the shape of an upside down V. “Haha, psychics don’t need hints, Solomon you silly!” Elena said with her face hanging between her legs stretching with her arms wrapped around her legs.  My mouth hung open for a few seconds as Elena looked up at me with her body folded like she was just a tuck and a doggy ear away from being a paper crane.

“Those are some nice pants,” I said mouth agape.  She reached forward in front of her until she was in a near feline position legs spread in a fierce crawling position. She moved back into her toe touch position.  As soon as she began lifting back into a standing position I wiped the drool from my mouth.

“Oooh I love this stretch,” Elena said as she stood on her left leg while lifting her right leg high into the air.  Her stretches were making it very hard to maintain my focus on the conversation.  I was born with a dirty mind that could run to the gutter in an instant.  She knew this and often took advantage of it.  She had her leg lifted in the air and then slowly turned her body so that her pelvic region was facing me.  As if her well-sculpted legs weren’t enough to give an Ice King fever, my eyes were instantly drawn to the tuft of soft between her legs.  It was wrapped tight within her leggings, pressing against nylon as if pushing to get out to breathe. Her and that damn phat kat.  “Solomon, do you think this is good form?”

“Uhh. Oh, that looks good to me,” I said.

“Good?” she asked.  She inched closer to me wiggling on one foot “Can you see it? The form I mean,” she said playing coy.

“Oh I can see it,” I said nodding.

“I can open wider,” she said looking me in the eye.  Her cat like eyes held passion deep inside and kept me captivated in a stare for a few seconds.

“Actually, yeahh I think you should open a bit wider,” I said

“Like this,” she asked looking down between her legs, drawing my attention back to her soft mound and then back up to me.

“Oh, yes that looks like good form,” I said.  I moved closer to her and began running a hand from the top of her extended leg down her thighs. I hopped over her warm tuft and then down to her standing left leg. “You have such definition in your thighs, Elena.”

“I’m glad you noticed. I’ve been working them a lot lately.  They’ve been so sore,” Elena said. She locked my her eyes to mine and crooned “Oh they’ve been in need of a good rub down. You think you could give them a good squeeze?”.

“Oh no problem, Love” I squeezed her thigh. “Like this?”

“Ohh yes. Harder,” Elena purred and inched closer to me..

I stepped closer to her. Wrapping my hand around her leg as far as I could I squeezed her thigh tighter, but mostly with my fingers being sure not to push my fingernails into her leg.

“Oo yes, harder,” Elena continued.

“Like this,” I asked tightening my grip.

“Ohhhh yess, Solomon. Harder.” Elena insisted now nearly resting her thigh on my shoulder.  She looked at me with her hazel brown gypsy eyes. She had me hypnotized to her every command.

I squeezed her thigh harder applying more pressure until Elena squealed “Ohh Solomon. Oh yess yess. Can you rub it now?” I began to rub her leg gently to rub away the pressure from my squeeze.  “Ohhhh Solomon, just like that,” Elena said inching closer to me and then falling on to me. Elena’s warm body laid on top of me was a pretty happy place for me. I felt that I had found my center of ohm. “Ohh Solomon.” Elena said holding me within her mesmerizing gaze me with her eyes at close range.  She placed a gentle kiss on my lips and then I kissed her back placing the back side of my hand on her chin.  I sucked on her bottom lip until she slowly pulled away. “Solomon, look what you made me do.”

“Look what you made me do,” I said still holding her close to me.

“It’s about time for bed don’t you think?” Elena asked.

I released Elena from my embrace. “I guess you are right, my dear,” I stood up and brushed my clothes of any dirt from the floor as Elena went to turn off the music. As soon as the Zen tune turned off so did all the rest of the power in the apartment. “Oh phooey! Dammit, not again!” she exclaimed.

“I take it this is the pitch black darkness in here that you were talking about,” I stood up from the couch, but could still see nothing but blackness in front of me.  I felt around on the table for the lighter to serve as a light source, but to no avail.  “Damn, it’s so dark I can’t even see you.”


“Good?” I laughed, “But I do want to see you.”

“Let’s play a game. Come find me, Solomon. Hehe,” she giggled, “and keep your eyes closed.”

“Haha, ok I can play this game,” I said with a smirk. I heard a car woosh by outside. “Eyes closed. Uhh.. Marco”

“Polo,” Elena’s voice crooned from the direction of the kitchen.

I slowly walked toward the kitchen and called “Marco.”

“Polo,” Elena replied.  I felt some article of clothing fly across my face.  It fell into my hands.  I felt the tattered ends of the shirt that Elena was wearing. I heard Elena’s playful giggle echo through the apartment.

“Oh my,” I said.  “I’m beginning to like this game.”

“Hehehe, I bet you are,” she said in a playful tone. “No peeking!”

Eyes closed hands outstretched walked in the direction of where I remembered the Buddha shrine to be. “Marco!”

“Polo,” Elena called. I felt some other piece of clothing fall on the back of my head.  It felt to be the fabric of Elena’s yoga pants.

“Marco,” I called.

“Polo,” she replied from the direction of her bedroom.

I felt some small satin material fly into my face.  I figured it was Elena’s panties.  I headed for the direction of Elena’s bedroom. I felt along the wall to find the doorway to Elena’s bedroom.  “Marco.”

I felt Elena’s hand grab hold of my hand.  Elena pulled me into her bedroom.  She pressed my hand against her body and guided my fingers down over her breasts, down her stomach, over her pelvic area, and down to her wet vagina.  I felt a sticky creaminess on my fingertips.

“Polo,” Elena crooned.


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