Turn Up (Poetry)

Turn Up

(I want something that sounds like a ruby necklace knockin on your window)


I see you

Baby, damn I see you.

See through the smoke

See your shining shimmer of hope

A jewel of rose gold,

Diamond dust kissed crimson.

A flower of flame

To be touched tenderly

Caressed as a queen.

I see you

Firebird fighting to be free

Sweet as she wanna be.

Rebirth riding in the roundness of her bottom lip(s).

I would bend time smooth as

Fingertips over backbones

To get you home.

You would never be alone.

I’ve always been one for truces

So how about

I’ll teach u spades

If u teach me deuces

I can kidnap you away

From the sex starved fiends

To come live with me

And be my queen

Come to church wit a hood nigga

Pray to God on my knees

Got degrees

And a good nigga.

Not a thief

But I’d steal your heart cuz its sweet

Leave ya ex man lost in the street

Dude wondering why his wife missin

Cuz its you that I’m seein inside my nightvision


We can love like we’re in a world all alone

Lost in our own zone

And everyone else will only be able to watch along.

The world will hate us

Because we love each other

We shine together

Speak in sync

Just say we rhyme together

If my shine blinds like your blind

Then imagine the treasures we could find together.

I’ll Graffiti my love on your walls

Flawlessly in Beauty without Apology.

I’ll kidnap you to wrap you® in diamonds and pearls

You can be my love studded Princess

The Queen of my world.

Ain’t your legs tired?

You been shakin’ that behind in my mind all day

So take your heels off

And come into my bed

And let’s play.

For Heaven’s sake

Why would you wanna wait?

Some levees break

And niggas is eatin each other’s face

We could both be gone by day break.

Can’t you see the difference a day makes?

U and me

Can run the streets

And then come home to play in the sheets

All your secrets I will keep

And always be sure to kiss your body sweet.

Timelessly touch you tender

To make your body sing

I’ve been told to be delicate with the angels

So I’ll be especially gentle with your wings

Rub you down

Love you down

Praised as a queen worth of a crown.


I’d show you off to the whole town

I’ll be your rugged Romeo

Romance and Roughness

Give you my heart

And never be apart

Steady as drum over hi hat

Whereever you go that’s where I’m at.

Love you flaws and all

Paint pictures of Us holding

Palm to Palm

Caress fingertip over your chest

While pressing you against the wall

Kiss your lips and take you into my arms

Get the room so hot might set off a fire alarm.

Then hold each other close

With the lights off or the lights on

Listenin to Joss Stone

Or some smooth kinda night song.

I’ve been told I can talk too loud

And heavy earrings can weigh the mind down.

I put 2 earrings on my wall

A Goddess and A God

Stars Shining in Unity

Then covered the wall in jewelry

Stones from frozen mountains

Gems from the richest riverbeds

And arranged them in a galaxy

So that if you ever get mad at me

If my words should fail

And cause you to lock inside your shell

You’ll have a sight to see

How rightfully, I’d like to speak


The sun lights the path for our love

Follow down the red brick road

The gawkers point envy at the doves

Who found unity between their souls.

Rust caused cogs to run ragged, burnt as rubber

Tryna rival the romance of these beautiful lovers.

Shooting stars over rows of parked cars

Star crossed

Like tossin 4 leaf clovers over your shoulders

Be the light of love for the hopeless and hopefuls to get over

A love legendary enough to lift 2 footprints to 1 and then 3

Summer tunes and red moons

A walk by the sea

A kiss fresh as the foam of midnight waves crashing against the shore

From the first to the last date

Always a pinky promise to never break.

(But wait

Who am I kidding?

I’m just dangling bait

You aint ever gonna take)

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