Real Life (Poem)

Real Life

In real life
Sometimes the guy doesn’t always get the girl
Sometimes you climb to the top of the mountain
Just to stumble at the last step up to the throne
Sometimes you gotta climb the mountain all over again
Because you need to be twice as much strength to defend the promised land.
Thieves been in the temple
We prayed for love to come quick
Because they were full of lust
And didn’t give a fuck for shit
But sometimes people have to die
To be remembered in the momument

In real life
Your best art will be less poetry
And metaphor
And more your raw scarred charred heart sitting on a spike
In real life
I didn’t want this poem to be about you
But in real life you have to give the art a real life of its own
In my mind I’d want to believe that you were completely wrong
But in real life
Maybe you stopped liking me as much when I stopped holding on as strong
When I stopped wondering where you were hiding all my trinkets of love
I wanted to be on your nightstand
There when you wake up
Late and long on the lines
But never found time
To find each other ThanksgivingYears of rising and falling suns
Wanted it to be our love finally coming along
At Last
But never found the heart to trust
I’m in the gym on the daily
You 100 pounds soaking wet
But won’t trust me to carry you over the threshold
Thin line between
Now and forever
They say time is relative
Must be why every winter you come around
Cousin Pookie
Got me still itching for your residue
Just to feel something
Residual crumbs still feeling the pain of our dividend
Still see your smile in my own reflection
Like you’ve been there since my own conception
Been trying to change my perception
But sometimes you want to paint the whole spectrum
But still end up singing the blues
Memories of you crystallized into perfection
Pristine as black and white
Always seeing you in the shimmer of the moon
What’s the use?

Trying to buy a new love
with contaminated receipts
Trying to pay the rent with infected blood money
Don’t catch the disease
What a tangled web we weave
When we conspire to conceive
You get me high like Mary-Jane
Wanted to be your Spider-man
You got me the X-Men DVD
But not even the special edition.
Yes, I’m still salty cuz of that
Deep grinding the sea salt shaker
Love’s caped crusader
Been trapped and raped by the eye of the fates
Waiting for a savior.
You could call me when you get this
Phone ain’t even on but still got your voice on my wish list
Too much pride to email or sea shell
Contact aint missing
But Soul been crying since thanksgiving
The sandman came from too far away
Just to have you say come back another day
“May this be love”
And I sang and prayed
But castles made of sand wash away
Could’ve been my final fantasy
But I guess I’ve still got more sequels and games to play.
I guess
In real life
Sometimes healing from heartbreak
Takes longer than 3 minutes
plus a 10 second grace period.
And in real life sometimes men bleed too.


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