You bait me.
Catch me in your trap.
then leave me
there to die/ just
after you’ve gotten enough
life to flap your own wings into flight
In directions
Away from me

I never learned patience
to make you wait
Life’s too short to leave love
sitting in place
Playing the game is about making plans and pace.
If I want you
Why would I want to make you wait?
I thought a good man has heart enough to let his woman win.
I thought I learned from my mistakes.

I’ll change I swear
I’ll be better
I’ll change I swear

One day I’ll be good enough.
One say I’ll say enough
but not too much.

Nobody can break your heart if you love yourself

Trying to break
the ice
with-you brought me
to punching glasses and windows
But the results weren’t the same
But the pain remained
Something to remind me how much I had to strain
In conversations with u
Just to get more than a “Hey”
Remembrance medicine for whenever u were away
Should’ve taught me to stay away
Art dance the ache away
Breaking spinning
Turn up the music to keep the demons at bay
Hope found me wandering close to winning
Just to wind back up at the beginning
Round the basket
Just to fall
Out of the rimming
The memories don’t hurt as bad when they flash by in a daze

Too much change
Too many people
Who? I can’t remember their name
And then they went away
.And then they went away
..And then they went away
…And then they went away
This a way
Or that a way
No need to worry about which a way
Just know that they went away
Away from you
Away from me
Away from the dream
Away from everything we could’ve been
Away from
What did they think they were  running away from?
Where are you running away to?
The light chases til night
the shadow thru the nakedness of day
Did they really think they’d get away?
Find a way to find a way
Love to stay
Or stay away

Did I hit you
my love?
Did I hit you?
If I did I’m not sorry
Im not sorry.
I’d play you tight as the shooter
Quiver to the quill
Acrobat, archer, and an artist
I was always ready shoot for you
But you would never throw the targets
They say u should love like the world’s coming to an end
With you I could never get started
Looked to the skies
Aiming like Amen
Willing and able

Did I hit you
my love?
Did I hit you?
If I did I’m not sorry
Im not sorry
I’m not sorry I hit you
I’m sorry I didn’t hit you hard enough


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