1/30 #NaPoWriMo


Where’s my sweet little love maker?

I thought that if I wrote about her

Listless pages dedicated 

That I could make her.

Took pieces from people and persons

Distant to me as stars Afar

(Believed I was one too)

Trying to create her.

Dreamed motion picture scenes

Fictitious fantasies trying to date her

Plotted her moves like choreography


Calculations of latitude and longitude lines

Trying to animate her

Perfect beauty equates her

The divinity of her mind 

Only matched by the height of the meridian prime.

Poured the best drinks in a cup

Bar tended like tending to these rhymes

Tryna blend a margarita named Rita mamacita Serafina 

Succubi Sexy Sabrina sublime.

I should’ve been your lover

Should’ve seen you for who you were

Not who I wanted  you to be.

Maybe that’s the flaw of every artist

See a thriving evergreen

And want to paint it better.

(I think I wanted you chartreuse.)

Always tryin to make it better

Til the it loses it’s it.

If I could I would teach a clock a new way to tick.

(I actually already did)

What’s your favorite food?

I’m curious your flavor.


I heard curiosity killed the cat

But I’m sure you’re something between a dragon and a phoenix

Can I share the blanket of the night sky with you?

I always thought that if a woman steals cover from her lover 

It’s because she needed the warmth

I’ll burn poems of all my old lovers 

if you need the warmth

Carry you to the beach in my arms

if you needed the shore

Marry you in stories over and over

If you need the lore

Murder your misery into pleasantry

If you needed the gore

Be your fountain of love

If you needed the pour

Dim the stars to make you shine brighter

And give you freedom to soar



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