Rev(I)val (4 Basquiat) 2/30 #NaPoWriMo

Rev(i)val (4 Basquiat)

U were a phoenix
Mosaic angel
in a sky with not enough colors
for you to blend in
Safely into sanity.
Revolutionary but not in anger
Genius genus
Species endangered
You flew revolutions above 360 degrees
2 be seen
But to capture a picture 2 see how u see
they still couldn’t find the the right angle
U see
How could they?
You high in the sky
Like that’s where you hail from
But they didn’t know that u used 2 be
Born in slums
Abandoned in the subway station
Underground railroads
had you caught between time schedules
lost in transportation
Conversations lost in translation
taught them a new way to use a thesaurus
How many ways can you say
“Beautiful, My Brother!”?
They didn’t know you had to carry flame
To the sky
Ritual of punishment
Because you blew your brains out
listening to your music too loud.
(They don’t know anything about a loud pack)
Firebird or Yoruba man-child?
How many lifetimes has your soul been
Never recycled but reinvisioned.
You talked to Hendrix
said “Its whatever whatever”
Showed shamans of the elements Earth, Wind, and Fire
“This is how you make them dance with no sound.”
I heard you talking to Michael
“You angels save souls
I’ll show them how to save themselves.”
Never find comfort on a shelf
show them your arms
Even wings
aint shaped symmetrically
My head is shaped funny
but you don’t have the courage to laugh.
I’d honor you if you could hold your member
on display in the exclusive club
But you can see that my light is in you too
When will I return?
Does reincarnation count the leaves of the seasons
Man, myth, or legend?

Better start believing


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