Star Children 3/30

Because I have a love affair with starry skies
And other glimmering objects that shine amidst darkness
This is for you
The radiant beings
The artists
The dreamers
The believers
Because I came to the conclusion that artistically acrobatic freedom fighters
Is the closest I’d ever get to seeing
Xavier’s mutant X-men in action.
This is for the movers and shakers
Moving the movement
You got tired of how they were running those slave ships
So you hopped the boat
And found your self
Shaking like a fish out of water.
Dance the devil away
Make them fear you not because of your size
But because they don’t know how crazy you are.
Shine on.
The street lights will guide us home when we can’t see the constellations of our ancestors
There is beauty on both sides of the sky
Look to each other for that hope
That courage
That knowing that you’re not alone.
Know that I love you
Like a coworker.
Sincerely yours



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