Untitled (to the gardener)

She never needed a warrior
Her heart was always strong enough
She needed a gardener
Someone who would tend to her heart
Someone to create a fertile bed
for her to fall into
when passion didn’t fulfill
Someone to gently smooth her broken grounds together to plant new seeds.
She had been fed lies
and falsities
Bullshit from dump trucks that backed up and over her
and never cared to beep
Bags hung under her eyes
Battered petals
From lack of sleep
She cried salted tears
For years on years
Gave as much as she could give
But it was hard to blossom
under fear
They wanted to gift her flowers
But what she really needed was water.
Water her
Tender and patient.
Grant her a place to grow freely.
She’d plant herself
in your humble yard
if you cared enough
To water her daily
Place her in angle with ample sunshine
Keep her warm
Shelter her from harm
She’s a special type
Her leaves will get you high.
She wants your truth
She wants your roots
Build her from the bottom up
And she will lift you
Beanstalks have never known how high
she was meant to grow
Be her morning light
And she’ll be fruitful sustenance
To give you life


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