The Beach

You said we were going to go
Down to the beach
You would show me the spot
The secret spot
Where all of the tourist never knew about
You knew because this is your locale.
“I’ll show you one day”
You’d always say.
But never showed.
I found my own way.
I went down to the beach
It was a celebration
Dia de Los Muertos.
It was so beautiful
I had to lift my shades
To wipe a tear.
I saw all the bodies.
They were lovely
But not in the way you’re thinking
Lovely in the way. that they were
Not breathing
At peace
In pieces
All the things that we let go
All the things that let go
The waves rolled
but they weren’t going
To come back
4 me
And I didn’t want them to.
They’re gone.
I liked the way their heads bounced
The skulls shimmered
over the salt
I wiggled my toes
“Hey look they’re enlightened”
But they just looked at me
Dead or drowning
I couldn’t or wouldn’t
Do anything for them
They could dance by themselves
And so could I.
I never needed anyone else for my vacation.
It was a Holiday
And I could hear the music
Longing for so long.
I went down to the beach
And though you promised
You never showed
Me to your secret
Spot where there were no birds
Where the sand is always soft
And no tourists crowding the beauty
I still enjoyed myself
At the beach
Listening to the waves
Coming and going