Miguel’s Wildheart

Miguel Wildheart

A soothing and rebellious third album from a new school R&B favorite,Miguel, satisfies but leaves us wanting more, in a good way.  

Miguel has been consistently on the Mainstream hip-hop and R&B charts for years now since first breaking onto the scene with “All I Want Is You” and other hits.  Wildheart embodies the romance and rebellion of his artistic perspective.  “Coffee(F******)” is a great tender song (with a lovely video btw), but the explicit and rap versions of the song can be helped or hindered by the vulgarity.  Wale delivers on his verse, but the lyrics to this track are already sentimental the alteration of “Coffee” with “F******” is actually poetically witty, but such a vulgarity sticks out like a sore thumb to the rest of the song. This further complicates his Wildheart  approach.  “Gfg”, “valley”, and  “NWA” further exemplify this wild love concept with a slight hand of BDSM, while tracks like “Hollywood Dreams”, “leaves”, and “what’s normal anyway” are more reflective on life, fame, and the changes of life.  Listener’s should be sure to dive into the Deluxe release  of the album for the sexier tracks like “Flesh”.  Miguel’s falsetto has been getting stronger over time earning him a comparison to Prince. I’m not sold on that one yet, but if Miguel keeps up the good work this one is definitely a down payment into Miguel’s shining artistic legacy.


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