Van Hunt’s The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets (Album Review)

Van Hunt – The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets

A soul veteran’s haunting romance

The soul veteran returns with a traditional soul/funk instrumental intricacies with a haunting echoing ambience.  This is necessary for soul-heads who enjoy the stylings of the likes of D’Angelo, Prince, and Parliament. Musically, Hunt delivers trippy vocals and aggressive funk grooves in a setting that feels more like a vagabond returning home to the south more than a interplanetary groove.  Hunt shows true artistic vision like a veteran.  Always a witty lyricist he sings concise romantic entendre lines in “Vega (Stripes On)”:

“What good is a good girl in my wet dreams? I need a vessel to sail all my fantasies. How good can a girl really be? I am the captain of this relation-ship. Girl, I wanna cruise with you.  In “(Let it) Soak (N)” he speaks of a biscotti romance as he sings “Dip your love life in my coffee, babe, and let it soak (N)…Dip your love life in my coffee, babee, and let me be your boyfriend”.  “Puddin” is a wah-pedaled ode to the georgia brown skinned woman as Hunt sings “Heyyyyyyy!! I don’t want nothing in my puddin’, but the chocolaaaatee!!” ending with the voice of a woman pleading “But what about tapioca?!”  Van Hunt delivers a full experience of an album like an artist that has wrangled his way around an album and compositions for a while.  


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