Haim’s Something to Tell You – Count Your Exes

Haim rocks. Undoubtedly. If you haven’t heard that yet you definitely need to. They rock so hard that when Jay-Z saw them live for his first time he was ecstatic even to the point of squealing like a little girl. Well, maybe he didn’t squeal, but he was so taken by their performance that he signed them to his Roc Nation label back in 2012.  In 2013 the Haim sister trio, Este (Bass), Danielle (Guitar and Lead Vocals), and Alana (Keyboard and Guitars), released their debut album Days Are Gone to great success in many countries including a #1 spot in UK, many “Best of” awards, and a Grammy Nomination for Best New Group.  Days Are Gone featured funky upbeat pop grooves with heavy rock stylings with contemplative lyrics about life and growth. Can they keep up the groove with their new album and beat the sophomore slump?…Find out next time on Dragon… Oh wait..

If you enjoyed Days Are Gone lyrically, then Something to Tell You will be more of the same. Many of the songs on Days Are Gone waxed poetically, and very rhythmically, about the push and pull of relationships; the letting go, or lack thereof, that we all go through. Something to Tell You continues with these kind of themes, but with a stronger feelings of nostalgia. The nostalgic touch is definitely driven home by songs like “Right Now”, “Ready For You”, and “Nothing’s Wrong” in how they are about wanting to reconnect to past love to try it get it right this time. “Ready For You” and “Want You Back” present an apologetic and refreshing point of view of a woman saying that she wasn’t ready for a love then but is ready for the love now.  This is refreshing because often times we hear males with the apologetic tone and more songs from female artists that bash their male lovers. Though the girls definitely lay down their share of darker tones with songs like “Night So Long”, “Walking Away” and “Kept Me Crying” the album seems to smooth over the bitterness with gentle chants and harmonies.

Nostalgia should probably be the 4th member of their group especially for this album.  You could probably count the exes, or even people who weren’t exes, that this album will make you think of. It sounds like they’ve been Drake-ing through relationship woes for lyrical content, which is fine though. Some of the musical lines on this album aren’t as instantaneously groovy as songs from their first album such as “Forever” and “Honey & I”, but smooth chill backdrops like “You Never Knew” give good stimulation by way of musical harmonization and sound audio production embellishment to weave it all together.  “You Never Knew” makes use of nostalgia in its use of the “Couldn’t take it” repeating melodic line, a melodic line that the girls usually used in the song “Go Slow” from their first album. They are usually drawing back to nostalgic memories but here they are actually connecting nostalgia to their one of their own albums.  At times it does feel like the bittersweet emotions of this album could be better divided where some songs like “Kept Me Crying” feel like they should be more sad.`

As a whole Something to Tell You is a good experience.  Its apparent that the girls worked hard on this project.  The songs aren’t as upbeat and aggressively funky as the previous album, but there are definitely some good vibes and perspectives to be had here. Something to Tell You sets a good expectation for their next album because it would seem that these 2 albums were getting out a lot of lingering feelings of from failed romances so their third album will likely break from their pasts to a more solidified standing as artists with their own voice. Who knows maybe they will get darker on the next album.  The girls have said in interviews that they have R&B roots so could we expect some seductive love songs? As long as these girls keep on rocking out we will be here for it foot taps head bobs and all. And Danielle, no more Bono for you.screenshot


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