The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful – Gold On Both Sides

When you’ve been a successful rock/pop group for 13 years what is left for you? How do you continue to reinvent art and self to continue to stay refreshing to not only your audience, but yourself? It seems that The Killers answer these questions by continuing to go bigger.  Their latest album Wonderful Wonderful is a sonic adventure into spacey grooves and feel good drive.  With pronounced gentle euphoric spiritual vibes this album is aimed at taking you to the heavens and higher so in the words of Kanye West “Can we get much higher?”

Growth comes with time.  The Killers know this to be true as they elevated their lyrical repertoire to focus on complex ideas and questions on Wonderful Wonderful. On songs like “Have All The Songs Been Written?” lead vocalist Brandon Flowers asks existential questions about life such as:

Have every ship gone sailing?

Have all the hearts gone blue?

Have all the songs been written?

I just need one to get through to you..

I can’t take back the things that I’ve done wrong, but I just need one more.

The Killers deliver this song over a dreamy tapestry of keyboards and drums with expressive melodic guitar lines.  Wonderful Wonderful takes us to expansive thoughts over echoey instrumentation asking “Don’t give up on me / Cause I’m just in a rut” on friendship motivational songs like “Rut”, but don’t miss out on the celebratory fashion catwalk strut songs like “The Man” and “Money On Straight”. This album touches highs and lows for a varied experience of music and themes.

Lyrically the album is youthful in sound and thought.  There are repeated references in the album, iconically the title track, to being in one’s childhood and with or without a mother. The album seems to draw a comparison between the life of a child with a mother and that of a child without and say “may they both be wonderful either way”.  “The Man” comes in at the second track following “motherless” chants so it could be interpreted that you have to be “USDA Certified Lean!” fresh from birth. And I say, “As it should be dammit!”  What one is to do after being The Man is for the journey to teach us.  The album does have some feeder for your inner revolutionary with songs like “Run For Cover” as the band sings in dance tempo “I saw Sonny Liston on the street last night, black fisted and strong singing ‘redemption song’. He motioned me to the sky, I heard heaven and the thunder cry. Run for cover!” “Run For Cover” exudes the sentiment of community and universal struggle that is an apparent theme throughout the majority of the album.

There is good there and good here. There is good about regardless. Wonderful Wonderful wants us to know and feel.  The Killers want us to know it is okay to want to fight back.  They here still fighting with you. If they’ll keep fighting then we’ll keep on listening.


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