The Beast

The Beast
Did you see the beast?

I saw her winking at me

It was only for me

We had a moment

I know we did

A moment that I hold on to.

“I knew her”
Often times I wander aimlessly into the darkness

hoping to see her again.

That midnight feline

If I get lucky

She might cross my path

For years I’ve had her scent lingering in my mind

I’d know it if it caught me again

“I loved her”
A precious Princess

She the jewel and the jeweler

Pearls for her gloves

Gemstones for her blades

Onyx studded gladiator sandals

Garnet cuts for her glaive

She spirit old as ages

Age like she ageless

I can still hear the buildings breaking

The colosseums that fell because they tried to put her in cages.

Goddess within a prophetess

A story made for stages

Like painting poetry in motion how she puts them thru their paces

Gargantuan Gannon with the cannon

Tried to battle her the most blazin

Saw moonlight in her eye

Then fell by her hand swift and ever brazen

Bowed down to her most gracious

Apologized and gave praises

Then became her guardian for free

and never asked for raises
Warrior Princess She

Born by the beach village

Been battling thru blood for so long

Searching for shelter to be softened

When the war is over she’ll live in a home by the shore

I hear she comes and goes like that

But if you listen for her in the waves

The spirit of the fight

Is said to always write back