Bruno Major’s A Song For Every Moon – Moonlit Sentimentality

Bruno Major’s A Song For Every Moon – Moonlit Sentimentality

Originality: 4



Production: 5

Good things take time and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Of course everyone knows these things, but us zealous artists could definitely use this knowledge to make better patience conscious decisions. London singer/ songwriter Bruno Major definitely took to note lessons of patience when it came to writing and recording his latest project A Song For Every Moon.  Instead of the usual pressured pace of rigorous grinding at the goal of writing a hit success song, this crooner from Northampton set a deadline for himself of writing one song for every full moon in a calendar year.  He speaks of the journey as a learning experience leading him to want to think and hesitate less in creating.  Some songs took weeks to construct whereas others took minutes to go from creative spark to recorded song ready for audio mastering.  Be it a writing session or preparing a meal for yourself or loved ones, A Song For Every Moon definitely has the tunes for your next moonlit occasion,

A multi-instrumentalist, Bruno Major played all of the instruments on the project aside from the drum samples added by producer Phairo. The artist blends pop songwriting with jazz  sensibilities to create songs with production that delves deeply into different aural texture palettes. Vocally, Bruno Major sings in the same vein as that of John Mayer or Robin Thicke, but with more close spoken whispery rasp reminiscent of Iron & Wine.  Major alternates between the prominent instruments and elements on the different songs, but the instrumentation is always well composed and constructed with effective melodic embellishments and even guitar solos on the more jazz influenced songs.  The sounds echoing here would go great with your favorite bottle of wine and/or the kiss of a lover.

“There’s little left to sing that’s not been sung / No new words to rest on this tongue / There’s little left to do that’s not been done / There’s little left to love, only one / But when it seems the world has lost it’s spin / There’s always your heart left to win” is just a sample of the kind of heartfelt sentimental lyrics from “There’s Little Left” that Bruno Major waxes poetically with frequently and easily.  A Song For Every Moon is a contemplative foray into thoughts about life, love, and longing.  If you’re feeling heartache at a lost love, or lack thereof, or pain at losing a job, Bruno has some musical medicine to help you not feel so alone in this world.

A Song For Every Moon is an example and testament of the power of quality over quantity. This album is expansive in emotion, but focused in presentation and capsulation of thought and emotion. Bruno Major is a refreshing voice and perspective to the modern music scene and will definitely give you the sultry mellow vibes that you need, but with an more organic tones brought on by authentic live instrumentations. Lush vibes are alive and well here. But A Song For Every Moon will give you more to think about in between the replays.